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Tenant Fit-up & Build – Outs
From corner stores to advanced factories to industrial complexes, we are the area's most trusted master electricians. Our years of experience include new retail construction, relocation and build outs. We routinely provide these commerical electrial services to businesses in Maryland.

  • Power circuitry and wiring
  • Phone wiring
  • Data wiring
  • Lighting
  • Security systems
  • Fire alarms
  • And more!

Do you have one location or several locations; we can put together a regular electrical maintenance plan that means all of your lighting and other equipment that we have installed will continue to run at peak performance and you will not experience any down time for your business.

Fire Alarm Systems
When it comes to protecting your home and family or your business you want the best. That's why Superior Electrical Service offers the highest quality in residential and commercial fire alarm systems. We take protecting homes and businesses very seriously and are unsurpassed when it comes to creating a fire alarm system for your home or office.

Specialty Equipment connections & outlets

Duplex Wall Outlets or 120-Volt Receptacles
The duplex wall outlet is the receptacle that is most common. They are used as standard conventional plugs. There are several different ways duplex wall outlet can be used. The upper and lower sockets receptacle can be connected together, the upper and/or lower sockets can be powered by separate breakers or where one socket is controlled by a wall switch.

Outdoor Receptacles & Soffit Receptacles
Outside outlets are very convenient for your home and may be used for holiday lighting, power tools, fountains, or lawn equipment. These specialty outlets have to have the proper housing to be protected from the elements.

GFCI Outlets - Protect Yourself from Electrical Hazards
Ground fault circuit interrupters are used in areas like the kitchen, bathroom or garage where the risk of electrical shock is greater.

240-Volt Receptacles or 3 or 4 Prong Receptacles
Some equipment like laundry dryers and electric ranges require this special type receptacle designed specifically for equipment that requires 240-volts of power.

Tamper Resistant Outlets
Protect your children from accidentally shocking or burning themselves with tamper resistant outlets. These outlets can be used in game rooms, nurseries, bedrooms and any other area a child might use as playroom.

Floor Outlets
Floor outlets are very convenient when needing to plug in a lamp, a computer or other electrical device. This type of outlet can prevent you from running cords across the floor that may cause a tripping hazard.

Rotating Outlets
These outlets rotate to fit bulky power cords, plugs and adaptors.

Recessed Outlets
Would you like to be able to hide plugs behind TV’s, monitors, artwork or other items mounted flush against a wall then request this type of recessed outlet.

2 Duplex Receptacles
Having more than one duplex receptacle allows you to plug more things in at one time. You won’t need multi-plug extensions with this type of specialty receptacle.

Combination Switch & Receptacle
Do you have a small spaces that need switches and outlets, but have limited space this is a very practical and functional solution.

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