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Superior Electrical Service

Electrical Safety - Keeping You Safe

Superior Electical Services recommends these types of electrical items for safety in your home or office.

  • Smoke Detectors - Smoke detectors are recommended to be placed everywhere there is bedrooms and kitchens.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer. Keep you home safe and check regularly all chimneys in your home.
  • Security lighting - Security lighting not lights your way, but will help keep your home safe from break-ins.
  • Motion Detectors - Motion detectors along with security lights will keep your exterior lite when it is needed.
  • Ground Fault and Arc Fault Circ Inter.
  • Aluminum Wiring Repair
  • Surge protection for homes and buildings - Keeping all your electronics and PCs safe will not only make them last longer it will keep safe all of your valuable stored information.
  • Emergency Repairs - We offer you our 24 hour emergency electrical repair service for all of your sudden electrical needs.

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We are reliable and proficient electricians with customer service as our primary focus. Our technicians are highly skilled and supervised by a Master Electrician. We are available 24/7 for any electrical emergency. We specialize in Residential interior lighting design and exterior lighting. Serving Central Maryland, Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County & Montgomery County & Washington County, MD

Montgomery County Business Electrical license: EB3707
Maryland State license # 8389


People just like you say nice things about our service

  • We did a major remodeling of our master bedroom and bathroom and hired Superior Electrical to do all of the electrical work. They did a great job and proved themselves capable, competent, and reliable. Rich, Alex, and David will be our go-to electricians next time we need any electrical work.

    Jon and Joy Stern
  • Superior Electrical is a family owned and operated business that really does a thorough job and makes sure your problem is REALLY solved. Our garage electrical had stopped working due to some faulty wiring in the past. They came out last month and checked out the entire system and found a faulty installation of fuses, but still charged me as if it was just a small repair. Plus he taught us about what to do if the fuse--which is part of the hardwiring now--causes problems again so we can fix it ourselves. I like that.....

    Linda N.
    Thurmont, Maryland
  • Superior Electrical came to our house when I had an outlet that was not working properly and while they where here; discovered some improperly wired items that could have caused a fire later in time. Later they told me about the ALL HOUSE Surge Protector and I was thrilled that they were able to install one for my home. So now all of my major appliances, PCs and TVs are safe. I highly recommend Supreior Electrical to all my friends and family. They are THE MOST reliable company I have ever used for electrical repair services.

    J L Berntsson
    Gaithersburg, Maryland